Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

It's been a few months of trial and error, but I think we've got a good fit on the orthotics. During the period of adjusting, I jammed the base joint of the 3rd metatarsal of my left foot. So, I'm resting, icing, and using a pad placed on the orthotic at the affected area to take pressure of the joint and the impinged nerve. Healing will be a while, but I'm not letting it deter my training.

I will be running the Borax Marathon in Death Valley, CA on 12/6/08. It's planned as a personal celebration of my 40th birthday and I just want to go have fun (yes, my wife thinks I'm crazy). Training has been getting better as I learn to adjust to the foot issues and I really cannot complain! Today's 20 miler was consistent and felt good overall. Running in snow flurries during early-mid November in the Midwest (last weekend and today) was a little odd, but it was a great distraction. I'm feeling good and am really looking forward to going to the desert.