Friday, November 13, 2009

2 in 2

Two marathons in two weeks and I'm feeling great! The Marine Corps Marathon was planned for a while but I decided a little later in the year to add the Rockhead Trail Marathon if my legs were adjusting nicely to running sans orthotics. Well, things improved quite well and I gave it a shot. Some minor cramping is all that the legs incurred.

Marine Corps went great. It was a litle slow and had a different feel, considering 32,000 runners, but I really enjoyed the run. The weather warmed up a bit more than I anticipated which probably dehydrated me a bit more than otherwise. So, caught in a herd and the heat, I just decide to have fun, take in the sights, and chat up a few people. Seeing family on the course just made it that much better. Thanks for all of the love & support! You made it a great week in DC! Thanks also to everyone who donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Rockhead Trail Marathon....what a blast! ( Run in Waterford, MI, this was the innaugural year of the event. The course was challenging with many hills, many more rocks, some switchbacks, a water crossing, and some nice mud added in for good measure. The directors need to be commended for putting on a great first shot at this event. A few tweaks on aid stations and course markings and they're really going to have this one dialed in. A field of 50 split the full and half marathon distances. The legs held up well until mile 18 when I somehow caught a boulder (ok, maybe not that big) that was under a pile of leaves and did a faceplant into the trail. Luckily my handheld water bottle took the brunt of the fall. Unfortunately, my calves cramped during this moment and never released for the duration. I was not about to DNF this thing, so there's only one way home.....left foot, right foot, repeat! I ended up finishing 9th of 21, so I'm not complaining. I met new people, found a new event & trail system, and had a great day. What beautfil autumn weather!

Now it's time to work on stabilizers a bit more during the winter. Plyo and balance exercises to further strengthen the ankles. Not ruling out the possibility of some fun winter runs. We'll just have to see!