Monday, August 24, 2009

The Answer? Maybe...

So, for the past 6 months (+/-), I've been fighting a nasty IBT/piriformis issue with marginal results in improvement. New shoes, foam roller, stretching, massage, name it, I've been trying it, including reducing my running. Nothing has seemed to really remedy the issue. Frustrated, I looked back into my past before the issue flared up to see what has changed. Surprisingly, the answer may be that I put orthotics in my shoes. Originally, orthotics were recommended because I had a constant issue with ankle sprains and was told that I significantly overpronate. While the orthotics are supposed to help remedy such issues, it only works if the fit is correct. In my case, I've been experiencing discomfort since obtaining the orthotics, even after a refit. So, I decided to get back to where I originally started - no orthotics. Low and behold, I'm seeing a marked improvement in my ITB and piriformis. Do I think this is the solution? Maybe, maybe not. I'm not sold on the whole "barefoot runner" concept, but know that I ran on these legs for many years without stability shoes, orthotics, etc., so it makes some sense. Maybe I just need to keep getting refit until they work for me. Not sure, but the experiment is benefiting me at present. I'm finally able to increase my mileage and get training in for MCM and a few other Fall races, so I'm sticking with what works for now. Will re-evaluate things later this year.

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