Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catching Up

A monthly synopsis of what's been going on in my absence:
- Dec. '08: Successfully ran the Death Valley Marathon. Parted from my hydration plan and had to push fuel & fluids much more than anticipated late in the race. Good learning experience and really a great time! Met Tammy Massie (, Tim Englund, Lisa Bliss (, David Clark, Yi Shun Lai, and several other really nice people that were great to meet and fun to run with. I'll definitely go back to Death Valley, though maybe for a different race...
- Jan. '09: Made it through the holidays just fine. Lots of snow and sub-zero temps, but I ran fine. YakTrax are my new friend.
- Feb. '09: Wife gave birth to our first child, a baby boy - Morgan! Everyone is doing great! I caught some strange upper respiratory influenza that had me quarrantined for a week while the powedered inhaler did its thing. My suspicion, looking back, is that this might have been the infamous H1N1 flu though I'm not certain. We had family in town regularly over Feb./March to celebrate and help out. Thanks!
- March/April '09: Spending time at home adjusting to being a new dad. Way cool! Increasing my mileage and back in the swing of the running season. Registered for the Marine Corps. Marathon in DC this October. Started experiencing tightness in right leg (hip to knee). Uh oh...
- Present: Doctor's visit and x-rays yesterday. Benched from running until MRI is performed to rule out femoral stress fracture (which is unlikely). Hoping it's just a seized piriformis/IT band issue that will relax with PT. Will keep boosting my cardio with cycling and swimming until I'm cleared to hit the trails again.

Well, that brings things up to speed. Have a great week!

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